Treatment & Pricelist

Lash Addiction London operates within in London and its surrounding areas, providing a professional and reliable mobile service.

I use Mink Synthetic lash extension which is soft, comfortable and of the highest quality.

I offer 3 different types of eye lash extension treatments depending upon your desired effect:

  • Individual Eye Lash Extension – individual lash extensions are applied onto the natural lashes one by one with different type of thickness, length and curl.
  • Russian Volume Lash Extension – multiple super fine lash extension applied onto individual natural lash, giving it more volumizing look.
  • Mega Volume Lash Extension – newest trend in volume lash extensions. Extra fine lashes that are applied onto the natural lashes, using 7+ lash extensions making the set look more fuller, volumizing and fluffy.

Prior to your appointment, please ensure your eyelashes are clean, no traces of eye makeup prior to your appointment. Use an oil-free make up remover if possible.

Results will always vary from client to client. The application of eyelash extensions requires existing healthy natural eyelashes to work off. If you have previously had eyelash extensions which have not been applied on properly, which in turn as caused damage to your natural eyelashes, we strongly advise you to take a rest so new lashes can grow through.

Eyelash extension treatment doesn’t hurt in any way. Extensions are applied to your natural lashes when eye are closed and do not touch the skin. Once your eyes are closed it is a very relaxing treatment and you may even find yourself falling asleep!!!

Eyelash Extension Treatment Price

Treatment Price
Individual Lash Extension (1 – 1.5 hour) £90
Individual Lash Extension Infill’s From £60
Russian Volume Lash Extension (1.5 – 2 hour) £120
Russian Volume Infill’s From £80
Russian Volume Lower Lash Extension £30
Mega Volume Lash Extension (1.5 – 2.5 hours) £150
Mega Volume Lash Extension Infills From £100
Call Out Fee From £10 depending on location


What is eyelash extension?
Semi permanent eyelash extensions are individual lash extension that are of high quality synthetic lashes that are applied onto your natural lashes to enhance and extend. We have different types of curl and length for every client depending on each client needs.

How long will it last?
Your extension can last up to 6 weeks with good care. You will expect extensions to fall out with your natural lash cycle. We do recommend you to come back every 3-4 weeks to keep it maintained.

What are infills?
Infills are touch up for your lash extensions. Lashes will natural fall out depending on your lash cycle and how well you look after your extension. When you come back for infill we will fill in the ones you have lost, take off the ones that have grown out and replace!!!

How long will the treatment take?
Treatment can take up to 60 – 120 minutes with technician concentration and precise work!

How do I look after my eyelash extension?

Aftercare for eyelash extension is:

  1. Avoid contact with water or steam for the next 24-48 hours.
  2. Avoid any oil base products near your eyelash extension
  3. When removing make up avoid using any cotton pads as the fibers do get stuck with lash extension so we would advise using oil free make up remover with a cotton bud and swiping across your eyelid to remove make up.
  4. Using a muslin cloth or micro fiber face cloth would be idea when cleaning your face and lash extension.

Special Occasions
We highly recommend you having a trial before any big event so we can correct your desired look and make you look beautiful for this event.

To book appointments please contact
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If any concerns or question, feel free to get in touch!